Moonlit Realm

The Moonlit Realm is the Eastern-most realm of Etura. The capitol of the Moonlit Realm is Bjon’de, and it is ruled over by King Matthew Lumina and Queen Lina Lumina.


The Moonlit Realm is home to the two mountain ranges of Etura: The Sovranic Mountains and The Crimson Ridge. While there are no true deserts, the majority of the non-mountainous land is covered in badlands and plains—namely, The Medicine Plains, which are the closest thing to a desert you will find. The only rivers you will find in the Moonlit Realm are the White River and the river of the Crimson Ridge.


The “Moonlit” climate is balanced but generally much drier than the “Green” climate—however, the winters are very severe (much like the summers of the Green Realm).

Politics & Political History

When the Realms were established as separate divisions of Etura in 1242, control of the Moonlit Realm was given to Lutricia Obsidius—an elf noble and hunter of Blackwood who then became known as “Queen Lutricia”. He was wed to the human Caesar Lumina in 1245, who became the first king of the Moonlit Realm. Power has been handed down to the daughters in a monarchistic fashion; however, the Lumina family name has been kept despite the “matriarchal” attitude. The current rulers of the Moonlit Realm are King Matthew Lumina and Queen Lina Lumina. The next in line to the throne is their daughter, Princess Linette Lumina, followed by her brother, Prince Christopher.



(Main article: Bjon’de)

Bjon’de is the capitol of the Moonlit Realm. It is more like a castle with a small town kept within its walls than like a large city. Many of the national celebrations are held in Bjon’de, which most of the Moonlit Realm citizens are required to travel in order to attend.

Moonlit Keeps

The Green Realm is home to four keeps: The Northern, Western, and Southern Keeps, and Keep Sovranic. These keeps function as military sanctuaries/barracks as well as small towns.


(Main article: Sovra)

Sovra is an area to the North consisting of The Sovranic Mountains, Keep Sovranic, and Little Sovra. Sovra is known for being extremely cold, and for housing a much denser population of dwarves than in any other place in Etura.

The Fruitful Lands

“The Fruitful Lands” is the name given to the most rich farming area in not just the Moonlit Realm, but in all of Etura—this area revered for giving the finest produce available, and there are many local legends suggesting that this land is blessed. However, this is the only truly cultivatable farming land in this realm.

Wiltenvag, Steedstand, and Nyompik

The three largest cities in the Moonlit Realm are Wiltenvag, Steedstand, and Nyompik. These three cities form the most important mining trade route in the Moonlit Realm.


The vital export of the Moonlit Realm is goods acquired through mining in their many mountain ranges (stone, marble, gold/silver/mythril, jewels, metals, etc.), as well as the products created with these materials.

Another major influence on the Moonlit economy is the cultural affinity for performance arts and textile production. Society in this realm places a great deal of value on bards and other performers, and so the market for these services is very ripe here.


Culture in the Moonlit Realm is influenced mostly by the cultures of humans, gnomes, dwarves, and halflings. A lot of focus is placed on the production of ornate material objects, beautiful architecture, and so on. Because of this attention to aesthetics and pleasure, the Moonlit Realm is sometimes stereotyped as hedonistic, but one must also consider the land’s leanings towards mining, etc.

Magic in the Moonlit Realm

Magic is given little attention in the Moonlit Realm, although it is not frowned upon in most areas. Some places (such as Nyompik) have taken a much stronger liking towards magic, which others (such as Little Sovra) turn their nose up at magic and consider it to be unnecessary and troublesome.

Moonlit Realm

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