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Map of Etura.Seemingly new and fresh, Etura is a world with an air of mystery and growth. Because of fear of the ocean (referred to by Eturians as The Angry Blue) being a conscious being and therefore a “God”, very little attempt to sail extensively has been made by coastal tribes, save a few voyages that no one has returned from; as far as anyone knows for now, Etura seems to be a pangaea, and so the name of the continent is synonymous with the name of the planet.


The continent is split into two realms, or countries: The Green Realm and the Moonlit Realm.

There has always been very little conflict between these two realms; the split was decided solely to create a more organized economy. However, there is some primarily unspoken competition between the two realms—much more talked about with the citizens than with the “political leaders”.

The capitol of the Green Realm is Hutungwe. The capitol of the Moonlit Realm is Bjon’de.


Etura has four moons, two of which remain in the sky during the day (Pe and Dracus) and one which lights the sky at night (Mona).

The fourth moon, Etuna Paradisa, appears for one 1-week “month” out of the year. This month is known as The Bright Cycle of Illumination and is a celebratory time for most.

Calendar & Time

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There are five months in each Eturian year, most of them lasting 21 days. Time is measured in 24-hour days, 8-hour spaces, 7 days per week.


Etura is approximately the same size of the United States of America.

The land is primarily covered with forests and badlands with varying degrees of lushness, and there are no deserts to speak of. Overall, it’s a very healthy land with good potential.

There are two mountain ranges, both in the Moonlit Realm: The Sovranic Mountains and The Crimson Ridge. However, the largest mountain in Etura, Mount Loriculpa a.k.a. ‘Loric’, is located within the boundaries of the Green Realm.


(See also: Races in Etura)

Etura has a very balanced population and can be seen as a “melting pot” overall. In the larger cities, there is an equal mix of race and culture.

The majority of the population is made up of humans, halflings, half-elves, kobolds, and gnomes, but pure-blooded elves, dwarves, darfellans, tieflings, and orcs can also be found in much lower frequency.

In Etura, none of these races is seen as “inherently evil”; however, the traditional societal tenseness surrounding tieflings’ ancestry remains notable throughout the world, and certain levels of racism aimed towards kobolds and orcs are sometimes prevalent.

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