Green Realm

The Green Realm is the Western-most realm of Etura. The capitol of the Green Realm is Hutungwe, and it is ruled over by King Noah Obsidius.


The Green Realm is named as such for it’s lush cover of vegetation. More than 60% of Blackwood is located within the borders of the Green Realm, as is the majority of Etura’s fresh water rivers and lakes. Mount Loriculpa is a major geographical landmark of the Green Realm.


The climate in the Green Realm is balanced year-round, except for the summer, when overall it tends to be excessively hot—especially in the Hara’shi area.

Politics & Political History

When the Realms were established as separate divisions of Etura in 1242, control of the Green Realm was given to Ludwig Obsidius—an elf lord and hunter of Blackwood who then became known as “King Ludwig”. He was wed to the human woman Irina Obsidius in 1243, who became the first queen of the Green Realm. Power has been handed down in a monarchistic fashion since then. The current ruler of the Green Realm is the queenless and sonless King Noah Obsidius.



(Main article: Hutungwe)

Hutungwe is the capitol of the Green Realm. Easily the most developed place in Western Etura, this is where the royal palace is located, as well as the largest fish market in the known world.

Green Keeps

The Green Realm is home to four keeps: Inara’s Keep, Loric’s Keep, and the two Hara’Shi Keeps. These keeps function mainly as military sanctuaries / barracks.


(Main article: Inara)

Inara is an area to the North. It is known for it’s colder-than-usual climate, exceptional ice wine, and a regular trouble with Rime Sprites.


(Main article: Loric)

Loric is the area surrounding Mount Loriculpa. It consists of the town of Loric and Loric’s Keep. The mountain is also generally accepted as a part of Loric. Loric has a bad reputation for being a dangerous place, due to it’s location so near the base of the mountain.


(Main article: Hara’Shi)

Hara’Shi is the area to the south containing the Hara’Shi Badlands, Village Hara’Shi, the East and West Hara’Shi Keeps, and the River Melodic. Hara’Shi is known for being extremely hot in the summer time and rumours of coastal mermaids. Hara’Shi is relatively undeveloped in comparison to the rest of the Green Realm.


(Main article: Menia)

Menia can be considered the Green “farming zone”. Menia consists of the towns of Menia and Mea, the Menia Farms, and the Menia Vineyards. The Starfish River runs through a lot of Menia, as do portions of the River Melodic and the White River. A large population of gnomes live in the Menia area.


The Green Realm’s most important export is produce of all kinds, especially wines and fruits. The Menia Farms are known as the largest farmlands in Etura, and they produce what can be considered the second finest produce.


Culture in the Green Realm is focused around the Elves, Gnomes, and Darfellan. Thanks to their attention to produce and the reliance on seafood in the capitol, the culinary arts are very important to Green society.

Magic in the Green Realm

Due to the slightly higher concentration of Elvish influence in politics from the birth of the Green Realm, magic is of great interest and reverence. The public’s attitude towards magic is very positive and welcoming. In major cities, many people rely on magic as heavily as we may rely on electricity, although (like being an electrician) it is not practiced in detail by many.

Dark magic, while heavily frowned upon by most, is NOT considered “illegal” to know, though it is illegal for most individuals to practice (another good modern similarity: gun possession and control). Most of the Green military is learned in dark magic.

Green Realm

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